[mythtv-users] ANN - Release of MythTV Web Virtual Remote.

Mike Poublon poublon at geeksoft.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 12 21:08:15 UTC 2006

I actually just emailed Steve earlier with an idea that would make this 
possible down the road, going to work on it tonight if I get the chance.


Paul Raison wrote:
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> I like this. I started to do a Myth Web Remote a while back but
> haven't finished it. Mine is context sensitive, in that the buttons
> shown is dependent on which part of Myth the frontend is currently in.
> Ie. the play / ffw / rwd buttons etc are only shown in playing back
> recordings, watching videos, music etc. Any plans to do this sort of
> thing? If so, I'll give up on mine!
> Paul
> Steven Ellis wrote:
>> The primary aim for this was to assist customers with disabilities or
>> access issues that would prevent them from using a conventional remote
>> control to use their MythTV units. We have worked very closely with a
>> customer who has Cerebral Palsy to come up with a layout that was both
>> simple and obvious.
>> As part of OpenMedia's commitment to the Open Source community all of
>> this development is being released back to the MythTV team under
>> standard Open Source Licenses. The initial release is now available
>> on-line, and you can find more details at
>>      http://www.mythtv.co.nz/mythtv/?p=29
>> I'd really like some assistance with the IE support, and some alternate
>> layouts for devices like PDAs and mobile phones. I'd also be willing to
>> see this become part of the standard MythWeb code base.
>> Steve.
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