[mythtv-users] ANN - Release of MythTV Web Virtual Remote.

Paul Raison paul at raison.org.uk
Tue Dec 12 21:05:21 UTC 2006

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I like this. I started to do a Myth Web Remote a while back but
haven't finished it. Mine is context sensitive, in that the buttons
shown is dependent on which part of Myth the frontend is currently in.
Ie. the play / ffw / rwd buttons etc are only shown in playing back
recordings, watching videos, music etc. Any plans to do this sort of
thing? If so, I'll give up on mine!


Steven Ellis wrote:
> The primary aim for this was to assist customers with disabilities or
> access issues that would prevent them from using a conventional remote
> control to use their MythTV units. We have worked very closely with a
> customer who has Cerebral Palsy to come up with a layout that was both
> simple and obvious.
> As part of OpenMedia's commitment to the Open Source community all of
> this development is being released back to the MythTV team under
> standard Open Source Licenses. The initial release is now available
> on-line, and you can find more details at
>      http://www.mythtv.co.nz/mythtv/?p=29
> I'd really like some assistance with the IE support, and some alternate
> layouts for devices like PDAs and mobile phones. I'd also be willing to
> see this become part of the standard MythWeb code base.
> Steve.
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