[mythtv-users] FC6 Kernel hang after upgrade. Slightly OT

Mark Hutchinson mark at onnow.net
Tue Dec 12 16:14:33 UTC 2006

MythBox is borked.  Hangs on "uncompressing Linux" in boot sequence.

FC6 working fine, upgraded to latest kernel, now it hangs at  
"uncompressing Linux"
The orig kernel is working fine if I choose it in the grub menu.  I  
have checked that the GRUB entry is fine and the referenced boot files  
are there.

Any one else seen this, or have any idea how to diagnose?  I have rpm  
-e the new kernel and put it back in with -ivh ( keep old kernel ) and  
no luck.  I am using kernel-2.6.18-1.2849.fc6.i686.rpm


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