[mythtv-users] DVB to DVD with subtitles. Is there already a script?

drbob drbob at gmx.co.uk
Tue Dec 12 01:18:53 UTC 2006


I'm planning to write a script that will take a mythtv TS (transport 
stream) file and create an mpg PS (program stream) file with embedded 
dvb subtitles, ready to author to dvd with dvdauthor. Mytharchive 
doesn't seem to have this functionality. I don't have much scripting 
experience so it will probably take me a while but I believe I've worked 
out the necessary steps::

* dump the recording's cutlist with mythcommflag -f ${file} --getcutlist

* Use projectx <http://project-x.sourceforge.net/> to demux and cut the 
recording, and also dump the dvb subtitles to son format.

* use the son2spu script from here 
<http://linvdr.org/mailinglists/vdr/2005/01/msg00314.html> to  convert 
the subtitles into an spumux 
<http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/doc/spumux.html> compatible format. 
son2spu may need a little tweaking as it substitutes some colours that 
probably don't need changing in the dvb subtitles of my region (UK)

* Use mplex to multiplex the audio and video files into a single mpeg2 
program stream.

* Use spumux to multiplex the subtitles into the PS file.

Does a script already exist to do this? Any feedback on this plan would 
be much appreciated.


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