[mythtv-users] SMP Performance

raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 22:46:58 UTC 2006

Greg Grotsky wrote:
> I just wonder how a single Opteron compares to an Athlon64 of the same 
> frequency when running X, myth, transcode jobs, etc.  According to 
> MSI's website my motherboard can take either of the 939-pin breeds.  
> When I upgrade my processor, I'd like to get the one more suited to 
> the job I need.  Basically, I wish I knew which one would be better 
> for our application.  I have yet to hear someone point to one 
> processor as the one for a myth machine.
> -Greg

It probably doesn't matter too much.  I think an Opteron 165 is almost 
exactly like the corresponding X2 except it has a lower clock, and much 
bigger cache, 2x1MB.  The cores are named differently, from Manchester 
to Denmark, but that probably accounts for the extra cache.
My personal opinion was at first that I wasn't considering the opteron 
and only wanted a 3800+ X2.  However, the $150 price that the 3800's 
were supposed to have seems to have gone scarce for the 939 version.  
The opteron 165 looks like a good replacement in that case, especially 
if you're willing to overclock it the extra 200MHz to get it up to the 
level of a 3800+... oops, more overclocking discussion.

In all honesty I have no clue how myth depends on cache size.  Seems 
like if you answer that question you'll be able to tell which route to 
take, cache or mega-hurts.
(for those that don't read the inq I know it's spelled Hertz).

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