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Greg Grotsky spikeygg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 19:44:25 UTC 2006

On 12/11/06, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:

>  Shouldn't that be "alluded to" ? I'm not trying to escape anything :-)
Yeah!  that's the right word.  Thanks for the correction, I've been using it
wrong for a long time. :(

>  You have to look at the core type, as as well as the cache size. I also
> think that the Opterons don't support PowerNow, which might be important to
> somebody trying to build a quiet machine.
I do like the cpudyn, I have it running on my Athlon64: 1000MHz unless
I'm using the machine or doing something in the background. :)

>  Most Opterons are Socket 940, to allow for multiple CPUs on one
> motherboard (it's more complex than that but you get the idea I hope). The
> 165 is described as a "single CPU solution", hence the 939-pin socket.
> Most socket 940 mobos are designed for servers and thus have things like
> 64-bit PCI slots for RAID cards, SCSI controllers and sometimes very basic
> graphics (who needs fast graphics on a server?).
> The 939-pin Opterons are sort of a mixed breed, but can be useful for some
> applications.

I just wonder how a single Opteron compares to an Athlon64 of the same
frequency when running X, myth, transcode jobs, etc.  According to MSI's
website my motherboard can take either of the 939-pin breeds.  When
I upgrade my processor, I'd like to get the one more suited to the job I
need.  Basically, I wish I knew which one would be better for our
application.  I have yet to hear someone point to one processor as the one
for a myth machine.

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