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Greg Grotsky spikeygg at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 17:51:40 UTC 2006

On 10/17/06, Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net> wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 16:31 -0400, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> > Fedora you would add a line with 'cx88xx  'to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
> > to stop the kernel from loading that module. The kernel will then load
> > teh cx88-dvb module which will give you ATSC capabilities, and the
> > hardware should show up at /dev/dvb/adapter0. If you have a /dev/video0
> > entry then something is wrong.
> Hmm, I'm not sure if Fedora does something bad to the cx88 drivers
> but with any stock Linux kernel you can load both modules, and should
> have both a /dev/dvb/adapterX and /dev/v4l/videoX for a HD-3000 card.
> If you configure MythTV correctly (see below), it will never try to
> access both devices at once.
> > Now install the PVR card and add its modprobe commands to modprobe.conf.
> > The card should show up as /dev/video0.
> If you blacklist the cx88xx drivers this is true, but if you allow
> the driver to load the PVR-x50 card will show up at /dev/v4l/video1
> if it is loaded after the HD-3000 drivers.
> > > I am told the HD-3000 cards will not handle both NTSC and ATSC - this
> is
> > > an either/or situation.  In looking at .20 screens, there is the GUI
> > > option to use the card "on demand."
> The HD-3000 will handle 8-VSB, QAM-64, QAM-256 and NTSC. It can
> only tune to one frequency at a time though, and MythTV is limited
> to one channel at a time per card. To configure it for both digital
> and analog, configure it as a DVB card and then click on the "Analog
> Options" button in the card config (this button only shows up for cards
> like the pcHDTV cards, which have an analog and digital side to them).
> > The HD3000 will do ATSC  *or*  NTSC but not both at the same time. This
> > requires unloading and loading of the modules. I have not tried this,
> Nope, just load all the cx88 drivers. Recent cx88 drivers have
> some problems with digital->analog switch, apparently a new
> "feature" which can be disabled via some module param*, but
> MythTV retunes as soon as it detects the driver screw up..
> * My understanding is that the feature is supposed to make
> quick open/close/open sequences on DVB devices quicker by
> ignoring the close request if it is followed by an open
> soon thereafter. But the implementation assumed that no
> one used analog anymore... And, at least for some DVB
> devices, it also assumes that you never change channels!
> The rest of the comment is pretty much right, only scanned channels
> can be in the "Video Source" connected to the "DVBInput" input and
> only analog channels can be in the "Video Source" connected to the
> "Television" input (which is created after you configure the analog
> options in the HD-3000 DVB card config).
> -- Daniel

So, since April 2005, I've had my mythbox set up to work with ATSC
transmissions via a single HD-3000 card.  I haven't ever used the analog
portion of the card (other than to test it using tvtime, it works).
Recently, I've noticed that exiting mythtv-setup causes a prompt to pop up
stating that the analog inputs of the card do not have an associated
starting channel (all three of them!).  I think it's more of a nuisance than
a problem.

Anyway, since it sounds like doing dual ATSC/NTSC tuning with the HD-3000 is
now more of a reality.  I was thinking about the possibilty of setting this
up on my machine.  I have a few questions about this setup.

1.  What's the easiest way to *add* the analog functionality without
disturbing my current digital setup?  It works flawlessly right now.
:)  Should I have two video sources: 1 analog version and 1 digital
version?  On Zap2It I have already set up another zipcode that is close to
mine and checked all the analog stations.  Is this the right/best way to do
it?  I think I just need to associate the Television input of the pcHDTV
card with that other *analog* zipcode, and run mythfilldatabase; right?
2.  I imagine myth knows in the background somewhere that both ATSC and NTSC
inputs are coming from the same card and it won't try to use them both at
the same time?
3.  For those of you who are running like this with ATSC and NTSC tuning
from the same card, how did you manage the analog audio?  I already have the
audio output of the pcHDTV card running into the audio input on my
motherboard and it works.  Does myth mute the analog source so it doesn't
interfere while watching ATSC streams?

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