[mythtv-users] Scheduled recording is labeled LiveTv sometimes

Don dlbrett at zoominternet.net
Sun Dec 10 16:26:57 UTC 2006

I missed a recording the other day, so decided to do some 
experimenting.  I'm using:

MythTv - Version - 0.20 (stable release)
Linux Fedora core V-6 (fc6) - (stable release)
Installation guide by Jarod Wilson

If we are watching LiveTv and a list of back-to-back scheduled shows 
comes up, it records each of the shows, but every other show will be 
labeled as LiveTv, rather than a normally scheduled show.  As we were 
watching some test recordings, the menu displayed at the next recording 
time had a different default selection every other time.  It seemed to 
switch back and forth between selections,( maybe?) depending on what it 
was doing when the schedule time came up.  I think they came up like 
this, and used whatever the menu highlight landed on (so that's the 
recording we ended up with):

Record and watch while it records
Don't let it record, I want to watch TV
Record and watch while it records
Don't let it record, I want to watch TV
Record and watch while it records

In a test, we attempted to record:

10:45am - Channel 2
10:50am - Channel 3
10:55am - Channel 4
11:00am - Channel 5
11:05am - Channel 6

... and got recordings for:

Channel - 2 - Default group (scheduled recording)
Channel - 2 - LiveTv group
Channel - 4 - Default group (scheduled recording)
Channel - 4 - LiveTv group
Channel - 6 - Default group (scheduled recording)

... after the test, it stayed on this:
Channel - 6 - Stayed on live tv

The backend logs have entries for "Canceled recording (Aborted)", but 
the shows are actually recorded and displayed on the "LiveTv" filter 
list.  I saw another post where the author thought there was a conflict 
between restoring live tv (at the end of the first recording) and 
starting the second recording.  This looked more like it was following 
the default menu selection.  There seems to be two ways around it at the 
moment; schedule shows one minute apart (start late) or don't leave it 
on LiveTv when back-to-back recordings are coming up.  Anyone else have 
similar experiences?


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