[mythtv-users] Authentication problems

Eric Snyder eric at janasnyder.com
Sun Dec 10 05:04:24 UTC 2006

I have installed MythTV but am having problems - no joy. I must say that 
I do not have a card installed yet, I am just checking out MythTV to 
make sure that my old machine has the stuff needed to run before I buy.

1) When I try to list a schedule MythTV just dies, no error messages.
2) When I run "/etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend" I get a message that says 
something about "Session management error: Authentication Rejected, 
reason: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and 
host-based authentication failed"

I don't know where to start as I am a XP user switching to linux and 
climbing up the steep, command line based learning curve. Please help!

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