[mythtv-users] mythbackend stops responding and must be restarted

Leo Kliger lkliger at bigpond.net.au
Sat Dec 9 23:07:19 UTC 2006

> My config:
>     two backends with one tuner each.  Second backend servers as 
> backend/frontend for family viewing.  Each backend has 1 PVR 150 tuner 
> card and about 150 gb for video storage.
> Master Backend:
> mythtv-backend.i386                      0.20-142.fc5.at        installed
> mythtv-frontend.i386                     0.20-147.fc5.at        installed
> Slave backend/primary frontend for family:
> mythtv-backend.i386                      0.20-144.fc3.at        installed
> mythtv-frontend.i386                     0.20-144.fc3.at        installed
> Thank you for the help.  If I need to provide any other info, please advise.

It looks like you are mixing point releases.... -142, -144, and -147 at

Have a looked at the output from "rpm -qa | grep myth" on both
systems.... this may show even more serious diversions, such as libmyth
not matching your backend or something....

The message is, when updating mythtv on a system, align all of the
package versions.


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