[mythtv-users] geforce 5200 freezes

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Dec 9 02:55:54 UTC 2006

Quoting jtbutler78 at comcast.net:

> I am trying to setup my myth box with an nvidia geforce 5200 agp   
> card.  when after i install and restart X my system is fine for   
> about a minute then it freezes.  I cannot exit to command line but   
> my mouse still works so I need to reboot and change the driver.

This has come up on the list a bunch of times.  The suspicion is that  
there is something funky with the nVidia driver, particular  
motherboards, and X.org.

The next time it happens, try connecting in remotely.  You'll probably  
be able to SSH in to the system.

When you do, run "top", and more than likely, you will see "Xorg" at  
the top of the list, stuck around 98-99% cpu utilization.  Then, run  
"dmesg", and the last two lines of output will probably have something  
like "L0->L1" or some goofy output.

If all of that holds true, you can "pkill -9 Xorg", followed by "init  
3", wait 5-10 seconds, then "init 5" to bring X back up.

Some people recommended using the nvidia drivers from livna.  It  
doesn't make much sense to me since the files all come from the same  
binary that nVidia puts out, but I gave it a whirl anyhow.   
Surprisingly, everything started working better after that. :)


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