[mythtv-users] audio issue: difficult to hear voices over background sound (like audience clapping)

Micah Wedemeyer fanmail at micah-wedemeyer.net
Fri Dec 8 23:48:10 UTC 2006

I'm having some sound issues with my MythTV.  It is usually ok, but when 
there is a lot of noise, like an audience clapping or something, it is 
difficult to hear what people on screen are saying.  It seems like the 
background noise is overwhelming the speech.  If I watch the live feed 
(ie. not routed through Myth at all, coming straight from cable in the 
wall) the sound is balanced much better.

I have tried messing around in kmix and alsamixer, but there are just so 
many options and sliders.  I have fiddled with various ones but the only 
results I have seen so far is sound or no-sound, with no ability to 
change anything except volume.

I have an nForce3 motherboard with onboard sound.  I run a splitter 
cable that plugs into the sound out on the motherboard and splits into a 
Y with red and white audio plugs that go into the TV.

One strange thing to note: In order to get sound at all, I have to turn 
on 4 or 6 channel audio in kmix.  I thought that I had it plugged into 
the wrong audio-out (like rear out) on the motherboard, but apparently 
not.  What color output should I plug into?  I think there is red, 
green, and purple.  I can't remember just now which I'm plugged into, 
but if I try any of the others, I get no sound.

Any help would be appreciated.  Also, if you have an nForce3 alsactl 
restore file, I would definitely try it out and see if it helped at all.

Setup Info:
Fedora Core 5, 2.6.16 (I think...)
MythTV 0.20
nForce3, all standard drivers

Fedora Core 5, 2.6.16 (again, not sure...)
MythTV 0.20


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