[mythtv-users] Accuracy of cut lists

Simon Dyson sdyson at themaelstrom.co.uk
Fri Dec 8 20:43:10 UTC 2006

I've spent some time setting up cut lists and then either doing a 
lossless transcode or burning direct to DVD using MythArchive. Since I 
can position the cut to the exact frame I desire through the edit 
recording screen I assumed that the cut would be made just as 
accurately, however it actually seems to be a half second or so out. If 
I set up a cut to remove an advert break for example I end up with a 
split second of the adverts and then it jumps back into the show a 
fraction late (cutting a bit of dialogue in some situations).

Anyone else experienced this? Is there a problem with my setup or is it 
a limitation of the transcode?


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