[mythtv-users] mysql on debian

Scott Martin smartin at steamvalve.com
Fri Dec 8 02:00:38 UTC 2006

H P Ladds wrote:
> On 12/7/06, *Scott Martin* <smartin at steamvalve.com 
> <mailto:smartin at steamvalve.com>> wrote:
>     2006-12-07 07:21:24.607 New DB connection, total: 3
>     2006-12-07 07:21:24.607 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
> <>
> I'm confused. This indicates that you are connecting to the 
> mythbackend, and I don't see the warning asking if the mythbackend is 
> running?
>     2006-12-07 07:21:14.619 ChannelBase(2) Error: InitializeInputs():
>                            Could not get inputs for the capturecard.
>                            Perhaps you have forgotten to bind video
>                            sources to your card's inputs?
> This seems to indicate a problem with the capture cards. Are the 
> driver OK?
I don't know yet as I still cannot connect to the mythbackend, I noticed 
that as well, but figured that would be the next hurdle.

One thought I think worth mentioning, on my inability to connect to the 

I am running Debian Sid with KDE, I am starting mythtv-setup as me (not 
mythtv) from KDE and also starting mythtv as me (not mythtv)
Could it be me starting this instead of mythtv?Thanks
Scott Martin

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