[mythtv-users] Slightly OT: X-Gaming Joystick for MythGame

Iohan Reyes ijr at routex.net
Thu Dec 7 13:46:32 UTC 2006

Thanks for the info.  Do I need to load some kernel module or...
(shudder)... recompile the kernel for support?

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> I'm thinking of buying the X-Gaming X-Arcade Dual Joystick
> (http://www.xgaming.com/two-player.shtml).  Do any of you guys have
> experience with this, and specifically using it within MythGame
> without issues?  Hopefully it's supported out-of-the-box (no kernel
> recompiling or something crazy to get it to work...) in FC5...

I've had one for quite some time now.  It works fine with xmame, you
need to pass in the parameter that tells it to use the use the XArcade
button mappings.  There's a file (xarcade.cfg ?) that comes with the
source distributions of xmame (I haven't found it in the binary
distributions) that declares the buttons, and the command line argument
"-ctrlr xarcade" (pass in "-ctrlr_directory" to specify the location of
the file if necessary).

Works marvelously for my favorite game, Mortal Kombat II.

-- Joe
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