[mythtv-users] DISH Network HD capture?

Cole Brodine cbrodine at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 13:17:16 UTC 2006

On 12/7/06, Jon Hamkins <hamkins at alumni.caltech.edu> wrote:
> Earlier messages on this mailing list indicate that there is not
> currently a way to capture HDTV content from the output of a DISH
> Network receiver (ViP211) with MythTV.  Is that correct?  The pcHDTV
> cards, for example, want an ATSC (RF unencrypted HDTV) signal.  I don't
> understand why this limitation exists, since the ViP211 has a HDMI
> audio/video output that connects directly to my HDTV.  This is an
> unencrypted, high-definition digital audio and visual signal, is it not?
>   Are there any HD capture cards that take this as an input?
>       ----Jon
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First off, anybody else step in here if I'm wrong, but here is what
was explained to me.

The HDMI input can't be captured because it is already uncompressed.
The processor power required to compress a HD signal is too much for
current TV cards to handle.

The reason you can capture directly over the air, is that the signal
is broadcast in a compressed stream.  Your TV card simply grabs that
stream and makes a file with it.  Then your computer can uncompress it
to output to a Monitor or TV.  Uncompressing takes significantly less
CPU then compressing does, and is well within the capabilities of most
PCs today.

Currently, the only way I know of to get an unencrypted, but still
compressed signal from a DirecTV or Dish Network box is 169time.com
(http://www.169time.com/).  The problem there is the expense.  The
other company that does a similar thing is Nextcom with the R5000
(http://www.nextcomwireless.com/r5000/home.htm).  That would require
you to have a windows box as a go between, but it is significantly
cheaper (although still pretty expensive as far as I'm concerned).

Basically, what most people have told me is that HD capture from a
satellite system is POSSIBLE. But it isn't easy, cheap, or really
feasible for most people.

Personally, I'll be waiting to see what we have on the Cablecard front
in the near future.  It seems most promising to me.

Anybody else who knows differently, please step in here and correct me
if I'm wrong.

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