[mythtv-users] mysql on debian

Scott Martin smartin at steamvalve.com
Thu Dec 7 02:17:23 UTC 2006

George Nassas wrote:
> On 6-Dec-06, at 6:59 PM, Scott Martin wrote:
>> mikepolniak wrote:
>>> line to /etc/mysql/my.cnf in order to connect to mysql-server:
>>> old_passwords     = 1
>> Thank you, I tried that but no go. Also i am on mysql 5
>> I appreciate you getting back to me,
> If the mythtv user was created before the old_passwords line was  
> added, and it sounds like it was, then the password will still be in  
> the "new" format. You can switch it to the old format like this:
> mysql -u root mysql
> update user
> set password = old_password('mythtv')
> where user = 'mythtv';
> flush privileges;
> quit;
> The flush is to get the mysql daemon to notice the password change  
> otherwise you'd need a reboot or daemon restart.
> - George

Thank you George,

Ran the commands you suggested, still no progress, It keeps asking if 
the backend is running and if I have the ip addresses configured correctly?
The box is a combo FE/BE and I am using as the IP address for 
the backend as well as the frontend. Is there any way to confirm what 
the backend is doing (nor doing)?

Thanks Again
Scott Martin

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