[mythtv-users] nuvexport -- is there a passthrough mode?

Chico Makani chicomakani at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 19:06:53 UTC 2006

> Chico Makani wrote:
> > I recently started using Nuvexport for archiving
> and
> > backing up recordings.  I'm finding that
> transcodes
> > are very slow and have poor quality at low bit
> rates
> > (1 pass ffmpeg).  Since I already transcode
> everything
> > from mpeg2->mpeg4 with mp3 audio what I'd really
> like
> > is to just change the file format from .nuv->.avi
> > without transcoding.  Can nuvexport (or some other
> > program) do this?  Thanks. 
> Not really.  nupplevideo provides some protection
> against missing
> frames/etc that avi can't do.
> Why not just use lossless transcode and then export
> what you want
> straight from mpeg2?

Thanks for the quick response and for your generous
contributions. I'm transcoding down to mp4 to save
disk space so lossless transcode isn't going to help
me. I need to put more thought into how I want this to
work. My goal is to maximize quality and minimize HD
space and CPU resources (heat, noise, time).  

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