[mythtv-users] Burning DVD with MythArchive : mutiple audio streams : nuvexport : avidemux : projectx

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Wed Dec 6 14:31:32 UTC 2006

Paul Harrison wrote:
> John Drescher wrote:
>> On 11/22/06, *John* <jharitos at yahoo.com <mailto:jharitos at yahoo.com>> 
>> wrote:
>>     I'm having a horrible success rate in burning DVD
>>     using MythArchive as I'm getting maybe 1 in every 10
>>     recordings to burn. From looking at the log files it
>>     looks like the audio/video gets out of sync causing
>>     mplex to drop too many frames thus resulting in an
>>     error. I have 'Allow MythTranscode" set which states
>>     it'll fix sync issues but it must not be working.
>> This never worked for me and in my opinion this actually it works 
>> against you. The problem is that mythtranscode creates audio video 
>> sync problems. A few months ago (just before the release of 0.20) I 
>> filed a bug report that each commercial cut caused av sync problems. 
>> The bug was verified and a patch was made to mythreplex that attempts 
>> to fix the damage that mythtranscode has done. The problem is that 
>> this fix does not always work so I use projectX to cut my recordings 
>> and I have modified the main script to use projectx to do the demux 
>> instead of mythtranscode. For me this never fails but it adds a few 
>> other steps to the process.
>> John
> Hi John,
> If you could modify mythburn.py to _optionally_ use ProjectX to do the 
> commercial cutting and demuxing I would be happy to apply it. The 
> important thing is that projectX should be an optional install and only 
> used if the user wants it and has it installed. I would rather that 
> mythtranscode was fixed but no one who has the knowledge to do it is 
> interested enough to fix it. Using projectX would also enable other 
> features like adding subtitles to be possible in the future.
> Paul H.

Hi: I've asked earlier about DVB-T broadcasts with multiple audio 
streams that get swapped by mythtranscode so that the main one gets lost 
later in the mytharchive process.  I now have what looks like a working 
installation of projectx but haven't yet figured out how to use it.

Meanwhile I've tried avidemux and nuvexport on fresh recordings.  Both 
will return files with only the  main audio track, but the a/v sync can 
be several seconds out at the end of an hour.  Not sure yet if this is 
constant throughout the recording - probably not, but sometimes there 
hasn't been much on-screen speech.

Does anyone have suggestions of an output format available from either 
avidemux or nuvexport (or ???) that might retain sync and be a suitable 
intermediate stage in DVB to DVD for these programmes?

Thanks in advance

John Pilkington

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