[mythtv-users] Have you switched from Tivo to MythTV?

Scott Bickford bic1ster at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 21:58:14 UTC 2006

heh, never even touched it.

WAF, well, that's a different story, every time I try to show how the remote
works, she's about to fall asleep on the couch and cannot seem to comprehend
it.  I think she can at least select a show to watch, start it, stop and get
back to Mythwelcome.  Really likes the commercial skipper, but it seems that
more and more shows are doing strange things like removing their station id
a few seconds before the commercial, which causes the skip routine to skip
over part of the show, and then after the commercial is over they put the
station id shortly after the show starts up again.  Time to tweak the
commercial skip detector.
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