[mythtv-users] a/v sync is lost when watching recording in progress

Peter Schram mail at peterschram.nl
Tue Dec 5 21:55:46 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm using mythtv 0.20-p11444 with a dvb-c recording source. I have a
big problem when watching a recording which is still being recorded. The
audio video sync gets lost totally when using fast forward and/or
rewind. Exiting the viewwindow and reentering fixes the sound until I
use ff and rewind again. I can reproduce this always. Also the way it
gets out of sync is not always the same. Sometimes sound is ahead, other
times behind.

However when the recording is finished, then I can skip through the
recording all I want and a/v sync won't get screwed up no matter what I
try. I have 2 frontend machines and both produce the same results.

Watching a recording while it is still being recorded was the biggest
selling point to the wife, so I'm not scoring points here at all.

Has anybody seen this behaviour before and perhaps has a fix for it?

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