[mythtv-users] 0.20, mythtv-setup not getting all channels

Scott Walker lkomage at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 5 03:50:15 UTC 2006

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Nothing yet.
There is a workaround that I found to work: manually entering the
channel information. Not pleasant, but what I've done in the meantime is
only manually enter the channels that we are usually recording from. The
workaround does seem to narrow the problem. Evidently what's broken is
the part of mythfilldatabase that reads the 4DTV channel info. Once
manually entered into the database, mythfilldatabase loads the program
guide info just fine.

So, here's a Reader's Digest Condensed Version of what I did to manually
enter the data:
1) ran "tv_grab_na_dd --dd-data datadirect.xml --days 0 > xmltv.xml" to
get the 4DTV data, as per a message earlier in this thread.
2) Look through xmltv.xml, and find the channel info for the 4DTV
channels you want to manually enter.
3) For each channel, note the channel-id. It will look like
"I10021.labs.zap2it.com" The important number is 10021 in this case, for
 G9701 AMC.
4) Go into mythtv-setup, and use the channel editor to enter each
channel. The important number is the xmltv-id from step 3.
5) After you do that, run mythfilldatabase, and you should then have
guide data.

Tedious, but there's only a few channels I want to record from fight now
anyway, and at least I know the problem can be worked around.
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