[mythtv-users] Is something going on with Zap2It's stream?

Enigma enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Tue Dec 5 05:33:11 UTC 2006

> Hi everyone,
> My wife called me in a panic tonight when my MythTV did not start
> recording Heroes at the proposed time. She noticed that all of the
> remaining recordings were showing as "N" for not listed, I quickly
> investigated my backend. There was a notice that mythfilldatabase was
> acting strangely, so I tried to run in manually and this is what
> happened. I have not touched this configuration in months, I was
> surprised to see some trouble with the mythfilldatabase. Is anyone else
> experiencing problems with this? If not, does anyone see something here
> that I can service? I am at a loss and would appreciate any help that
> you could provide.

FWIW, I am seeing the same behavior.  All my listings have suddenly 
disappeared.  Running a manual mythfill does not populate the listings.  
DataDirect is returning a value I've not seen before named 
"BlockedTime", anybody know what that is about?

2006-12-04 22:25:57.026 DataDirect: BlockedTime is: 2006-12-04T22:25:56
2006-12-04 22:25:57.027 DataDirect: NextSuggestedTime is: 2006-12-05T22:05:50

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