[mythtv-users] Using CI and CAM to decrypt Sky (with legit Sky Card) on DVB-S

Nick nikosf at mail.com
Mon Dec 4 18:35:51 UTC 2006


I'm running MythTV 0.20 fixes (compiled from stable SVN fixes branch - release-0-20-fixes) on FC6 for mybackend.  Computer is a C2D E6400, Intel 965 based motherboard, Nvidia 7100GS and a Technotrend DVB-S PCI card, matching CI card, and the T.Rex CAM with Predator 3.54 firmware.  I have a legit Sky subscriber card (freshly 'updated' in my Sky box) in the CAM.

I have no problems with the FTA channels (BBC / ITV / FilmFour), but haven't figured out how to have the CAM decrypt the encoded (FTV and pay) Sky channels.

When running mythtv-setup - the log file shows it recognising the CAM (it says CAM: Predator 3.54 each time it does a scan).  When using Myth though, it doesn't decrypt the channel.  I get a blank screen, followed by a frontend error - saying 'cannot decode video' (or something similar).  The backend log doesn't show any CAM activity.  Trying from other frontends (one running FC5 fixes, and a mac mini running binaries from sniderpad) show the same problem.

I searched the list and saw reference to recompiling dvbcam.cpp changing usleep(250) to usleep(90000).  The first problem I had was there was no such file under libs/libmythtv/.  I checked out the latest svn (trunk) and saw there was such a file (dvbcam.cpp), tried changing the usleep value - but it still didn't work.  Still no CAM activity on the backend log.  The latest svn pushed me to v.32 database which I didn't want (since my two frontends are still using v.31), so I went back to fixes on my backend.

I realise I don't know much about how to get the CAM working!  On a Linuxtv forum, I saw reference to being able to access the CAM menu using GNUTV from dvb-apps, but my version of dvb-apps didn't have such an application (either my yum version, or from the code available on linuxtv).  How do I tell myth to use my CAM on encrypted channels, and why don't I have a dvbcam.cpp on my fixes checkout?

Does anyone who's successfully using a T.Rex (same as the old Dragon) CAM with Sky have any pointers on how to get started?

Many thanks.


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