[mythtv-users] Am I doing this correctly ?? - trying to import mpg files , so that I can use mytharchive...

Stephen Kitchener stephen at g6dzj.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 17:16:01 UTC 2006

On Sunday 03 Dec 2006 23:58, Paul Harrison wrote:

Hi Paul,

Hitting the R key works fine, I have one problem though, I tried to extend the recording time over the 60m that seems to be initially set, I entered the edit mode while watching the recording and extended it by 30 mins, but it only appeared to extend it a few minits. 

1) How can I change the initial 60m to a another value (If this is possible)

2) What am I missing - do I need to make up more recording profiles to account for differing lengths of source material ?

Any help appreciated


> Stephen Kitchener wrote:
> > Hi List.
> >
> > I am asking if this is the correct sequence and If It could be more
> > efficient....
> >
> > I and using the composite input to a Hauppauge 150 to connect the outout
> > of a video tape recorder so that I can archive some home video's onto
> > DVD, using the cutlist maker etc...
> >
> > This is working well, apart from the files being quite large, 75 mins
> > being about 3.5gb.
> >
> > I then put the resulting mpg into the same directory as the output from
> > mythtv's normal operation, (TV shows etc).
> >
> > To add the mpg into the database so that I can edit it via the cutlist, I
> > run myth.rebuilddatabase.pl (I had to fix the error about missing
> > Time::Format by making an rpm as it's missing from the basic install and
> > atrpms. This works....
> >
> > So now it's in the system and myth.rebuilddatabase.pl and the last thing
> > that myth.rebuilddatabase.pl did was make a seektabel. However, when I
> > try to make a cutlist, I get the error, "no seektable" and it fails to
> > enter edit mode (via the E key).
> >
> > This is where I'm not sure if I am doing it correctly, I then pass the
> > file into transcode to make the system create a seektable for the
> > imported mpg file, by selecting transcode from the menu whilst its
> > playing. This works, BUT creates a file that is TWICE the size of the
> > original and it's suffix is nuv (If that is important)
> >
> > Making a cutlist works, but when I try to archive the mpg, dvdauthor
> > returns an error 1, when I look at the log and see what length the file
> > is that it's trying to archive with, it's length is 0. and when I try to
> > mplex these files together I get errors reported along the lines of
> >
> > Stream e0: data will arrive too late sent(SCR)=50949558
> > required(DTS)=50949419
> >
> > So, can someone please help - where am I going wrong...Am I supposed to
> > be able to do this ??
> >
> > Any help appreciated.
> >
> > Steve
> I think your making this a lot harder than it should be. What I do goes
> something like this.
> Set up an input to the composite input on your card and added a channel
> connected to that input. Don't select any grabber associated with the
> channel.
> Then whenever you need to archive something to DVD from another source
> start live tv and go to the composite input you set up. Press R to start
> recording and press play on the playback source. When you want to stop
> recording go to the Watch Recording screen and press INFO to show the
> popup menu. On there is an option to 'Stop Recording'. There is also an
> option on 'Recording Options' to edit the title and subtitle.
> You can now play, edit and archive the recording like any other. There
> is an option in MythArchive to edit the other metadata if you need to.
> I've made sure my recording profiles record with DVD compliant settings
> so I don't have to do any re-encoding later when I create the DVD.
> Works great for me.
> Paul H.
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