[mythtv-users] Am I doing this correctly ?? - trying to import mpg files, so that I can use mytharchive...

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Mon Dec 4 11:07:23 UTC 2006

Paul Harrison wrote:
> Stephen Kitchener wrote:
>> Hi List.
>> I am asking if this is the correct sequence and If It could be more 
>> efficient....
>> I and using the composite input to a Hauppauge 150 to connect the outout of a 
>> video tape recorder so that I can archive some home video's onto DVD, using 
>> the cutlist maker etc...
>> This is working well, apart from the files being quite large, 75 mins being 
>> about 3.5gb.
>> I then put the resulting mpg into the same directory as the output from 
>> mythtv's normal operation, (TV shows etc).
>> To add the mpg into the database so that I can edit it via the cutlist, I run 
>> myth.rebuilddatabase.pl (I had to fix the error about missing Time::Format by 
>> making an rpm as it's missing from the basic install and atrpms. This 
>> works....
>> So now it's in the system and myth.rebuilddatabase.pl and the last thing that 
>> myth.rebuilddatabase.pl did was make a seektabel. However, when I try to make 
>> a cutlist, I get the error, "no seektable" and it fails to enter edit mode 
>> (via the E key).
>> This is where I'm not sure if I am doing it correctly, I then pass the file 
>> into transcode to make the system create a seektable for the imported mpg 
>> file, by selecting transcode from the menu whilst its playing. This works, 
>> BUT creates a file that is TWICE the size of the original and it's suffix is 
>> nuv (If that is important)
>> Making a cutlist works, but when I try to archive the mpg, dvdauthor returns 
>> an error 1, when I look at the log and see what length the file is that it's 
>> trying to archive with, it's length is 0. and when I try to mplex these files 
>> together I get errors reported along the lines of 
>> Stream e0: data will arrive too late sent(SCR)=50949558 required(DTS)=50949419
>> So, can someone please help - where am I going wrong...Am I supposed to be 
>> able to do this ??
>> Any help appreciated.
>> Steve
> I think your making this a lot harder than it should be. What I do goes 
> something like this.
> Set up an input to the composite input on your card and added a channel 
> connected to that input. Don't select any grabber associated with the 
> channel.
> Then whenever you need to archive something to DVD from another source 
> start live tv and go to the composite input you set up. Press R to start 
> recording and press play on the playback source. When you want to stop 
> recording go to the Watch Recording screen and press INFO to show the 
> popup menu. On there is an option to 'Stop Recording'. There is also an 
> option on 'Recording Options' to edit the title and subtitle.
> You can now play, edit and archive the recording like any other. There 
> is an option in MythArchive to edit the other metadata if you need to.
> I've made sure my recording profiles record with DVD compliant settings 
> so I don't have to do any re-encoding later when I create the DVD.  
> Works great for me.
> Paul H.
Hi:  I was glad to see Paul's technique because I have been trying to 
copy VHS to DVD too.  When I tried just recording from live TV the 
recording stopped on the next half-hour, and I went instead to the 
Manual Schedule, which wanted a preset duration.  I've looked for a 
'Record Continuously Until Stopped' setting but haven't found one yet.

I have also had difficulty with some recordings in getting useful 
quality settings, and in getting Mytharchive to complete.   Nuvexport 
did a good job on some of them, but has apparently ignored quality 
settings on others.  Some of the files have been through several 
experimental sequences so it's difficult to pin down the real problem. 
My capture device is an saa7134, so the initial Myth output is in .nuv 

John Pilkington

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