[mythtv-users] ntsc_blank.mpg?

Go Hskrs gohskrs at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 15:58:25 UTC 2006

Hi all -

I'm trying to burn a DVD using mytharchive and the "MythCenter - Autoplay"
DVD theme, which I've used successfully in the past.  However, now I'm
getting the following message:

2006-12-04 08:48:06 Creating details page for 5
2006-12-04 08:48:07 Added image
2006-12-04 08:48:13 aspect ratio is: 1.33333
2006-12-04 08:48:13 Encoding Details Page 5
2006-12-04 08:49:05 Creating DVD XML file for dvd author (No Menus)
2006-12-04 08:49:05
2006-12-04 08:49:05 ERROR: Cannot find theme file 'ntsc_blank.mpg' in theme
'MythCenter - Autoplay'
2006-12-04 08:49:05
2006-12-04 08:49:05
2006-12-04 08:49:06 Terminated

I downloaded the most current mythplugins package (mythplugins-0.20a.tar.bz2)
from the mythtv.org Downloads page, and even went back a version (
mythplugins-0.19.tar.bz2), but neither of those packages contains the file
ntsc_blank.mpg.  I googled that file name, but again, no love.

I had a previous error on another filename, silence.mp2, but I was able to
find a sequence of commands to create one:

[root at localhost share]# arecord -f dat -twav -d 5 /tmp/silence.wav
Recording WAVE '/tmp/silence.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000
Hz, Stereo
[root at localhost share]# aplay /tmp/silence.wav
Playing WAVE '/tmp/silence.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000
Hz, Stereo
[root at localhost share]# mp2enc -r 48000 -o /tmp/silence.mp2
   INFO: [mp2enc] Opened WAV file, freq = 48000 Hz, channels = 2, bits = 16
   INFO: [mp2enc] format = 0x1, audio length = 960000 bytes
   INFO: [mp2enc] SpF=672, frac SpF=0.000, bitrate=224 kbps, sfreq=48.0 kHz
   INFO: [mp2enc] System is little endian
   INFO: [mp2enc] Num frames 208 Avg slots/frame = 672.000; b/smp = 4.67; br
= 224.000 kbps
   INFO: [mp2enc] Encoding to layer 2 with psychoacoustic model 2 is
   INFO: [mp2enc] The MPEG encoded output file name is "/tmp/silence.mp2"
[root at localhost share]# cp /tmp/silence.mp2

Anyone care to point me in the direction of the file ntsc_blank.mpg, or show
me how to create my own?  Thanks.

My installed packages:

libmyth.i386                             0.20-143.fc5.at        installed
mytharchive.i386                         0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythbrowser.i386                         0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythcontrols.i386                        0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythdvd.i386                             0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythflix.i386                            0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythgallery.i386                         0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythgame.i386                            0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythmkmovie.i386                         1.1.4-5.fc5.at         installed
mythmusic.i386                           0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythnews.i386                            0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythphone.i386                           0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythplugins.i386                         0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
myththemes.noarch                        0.20-110.at            installed
mythtv.i386                              0.20-143.fc5.at        installed
mythtv-backend.i386                      0.20-143.fc5.at        installed
mythtv-frontend.i386                     0.20-143.fc5.at        installed
mythtv-setup.i386                        0.20-143.fc5.at        installed
mythtv-suite.noarch                      0.20-62.at             installed
mythtv-theme-MediaCenter.noarch          0.17-5.at              installed
mythtv-theme-ProjectGrayhem.noarch       1.7-2.at               installed
mythtv-theme-abstract.noarch             0.20040910-3.at        installed
mythtv-theme-photo.noarch                4-7.at                 installed
mythtv-theme-purplegalaxy.noarch         0.20031214-4.at        installed
mythtv-theme-sleek.noarch                0.35-3.at              installed
mythtv-theme-visor.noarch                1:0.16.2-6.at          installed
mythtv-themes.i386                       0.20-143.fc5.at        installed
mythvideo.i386                           0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythweather.i386                         0.20-139.fc5.at        installed
mythweb.noarch                           0.20-89.at             installed
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