[mythtv-users] using a second BE to wakeup the main BE?

Andrew Wilson migmog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 15:34:54 UTC 2006

I looked into this some time ago and concluded that my embedded box
could not run mythbackend in anything like its current form.

There would need to be some repartitioning of mythbackend to split off
the stuff that knows about Tuner cards from the stuff that knows about
scheduling, waking up other boxes etc.

Also, the mysql database is too big to run on an embedded box with
32MB RAM. Not sure if anyone has tried to run the DB on Sqlite (?) or
Mythweb on Lighttpd. I'm sure it would be possible to put together a
small footprint system to do this, but I suspect that it would be a
lot of work.

I'm not sure what the actual minimum spec is for mythbackend, but my
own backend box is a 256MB P3 533Mhz, and it has absolutely no problem
handling dual DVB-T tuners without swapping. I suspect less memory
would not be enough, though you could probably get away with less
processor. Of course, DVB is ideal for low power boxes as it is
basically copying an MPEG stream from the tuner card to the disk with
no serious number crunching in between.

What are the minimal hardware specs for a master backend (no TV-card, no
storage), which would store the database and "wake" slave backend(s) when
needed ?

This way, the system that is on 24/7 could also display the programm guide
threw mythweb, so backends wouldn't need to wake up just to schedule recordings.


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