[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Mon Dec 4 15:10:22 UTC 2006

David Brodbeck wrote:
> Jeff Wormsley wrote:
>> Do you have a wife?  I do, and it's hard enough to get her to use the 
>> system in the first place.  When it takes forever (to her) to change the 
>> channels, she complains and makes me unhook the Mythbox and hook up the 
>> cable box direct.
> Ah, you're using an STB.  That explains some of it.  Consider that after
> you hit the channel number and ENTER in MythTV, it then has to command
> the STB to change channels.  That effectively stacks the time to send
> the command and the channel-change delay of your STB on top of any delay
> MythTV has.  This is never going to be an instantaneous process.
Actually, no.  The STB is only for the wife (or when I am playing with 
Firewire, but that's too unstable).  Main capture is through a PVR-250's 
native tuner, and just recently an A180 card.

I was thinking about this last night though, and the IR 
blaster/serial/firewire channel change issue you bring up came to mind. 
    Before then, it hadn't occurred to me that this might influence all 
channel changes and the time they take (perhaps there is some code that 
waits for a channel change to take effect, and it must wait long enough 
for even these slow methods, so what could be fast for some is slow for 
everyone).  So it might not be buffering that causes the delay.  Until I 
get a chance to look at the code, I don't know, this might be all hot air.

If it is something like this, though, there might be ways to speed that 
up as well.  For instance, you could send each key via the blaster as it 
is received.  But then you'd have to deal with the user entering an 
unknown channel, which might be more trouble than it is worth.  And it 
still wouldn't help firewire or serial users.  And the code might not be 
amenable to having a different way of handling channel changes for each 
type of system (obviously the medium is different, but the structure is 
probably the same - get the channel, validate it, output it).

Hopefully after the holidays (or perhaps during) I can take a look at it 
and see if I can find anything helpful.

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