[mythtv-users] Am I doing this correctly ?? - trying to import mpg files, so that I can use mytharchive...

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Sun Dec 3 23:04:43 UTC 2006

On 3-Dec-06, at 2:53 PM, Stephen Kitchener wrote:

> To add the mpg into the database so that I can edit it via the  
> cutlist, I run
> myth.rebuilddatabase.pl (I had to fix the error about missing  
> Time::Format by
> making an rpm as it's missing from the basic install and atrpms. This
> works....

You can also use cpan to install Time::Format. I'm not sure how that  
would interact with your distro but I had no problems on debian.

It's odd that rebuilddatabase finishes OK but you still have no  
seektable. Instead of that transcoding workaround you could try  
rebuilding the seektable manually, the program is mythcommflag and  
the arguments are --rebuild --file and then the file name.

One other thought - the location of the seek information changed in . 
20. If your mythcommflag is from .19 it would be putting the data in  
the wrong place. I'm not sure how possible/likely this is but I'd  
check the build dates on your various myth executables.

- George

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