[mythtv-users] Am I doing this correctly ?? - trying to import mpg files, so that I can use mytharchive...

Stephen Kitchener stephen at g6dzj.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 3 19:53:46 UTC 2006

Hi List.

I am asking if this is the correct sequence and If It could be more 

I and using the composite input to a Hauppauge 150 to connect the outout of a 
video tape recorder so that I can archive some home video's onto DVD, using 
the cutlist maker etc...

This is working well, apart from the files being quite large, 75 mins being 
about 3.5gb.

I then put the resulting mpg into the same directory as the output from 
mythtv's normal operation, (TV shows etc).

To add the mpg into the database so that I can edit it via the cutlist, I run 
myth.rebuilddatabase.pl (I had to fix the error about missing Time::Format by 
making an rpm as it's missing from the basic install and atrpms. This 

So now it's in the system and myth.rebuilddatabase.pl and the last thing that 
myth.rebuilddatabase.pl did was make a seektabel. However, when I try to make 
a cutlist, I get the error, "no seektable" and it fails to enter edit mode 
(via the E key).

This is where I'm not sure if I am doing it correctly, I then pass the file 
into transcode to make the system create a seektable for the imported mpg 
file, by selecting transcode from the menu whilst its playing. This works, 
BUT creates a file that is TWICE the size of the original and it's suffix is 
nuv (If that is important)

Making a cutlist works, but when I try to archive the mpg, dvdauthor returns 
an error 1, when I look at the log and see what length the file is that it's 
trying to archive with, it's length is 0. and when I try to mplex these files 
together I get errors reported along the lines of 

Stream e0: data will arrive too late sent(SCR)=50949558 required(DTS)=50949419

So, can someone please help - where am I going wrong...Am I supposed to be 
able to do this ??

Any help appreciated.


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