[mythtv-users] capture card for DirecTV

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Dec 3 01:34:04 UTC 2006

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Jeremy Tietsort wrote:
>> I'm new to Myth, but have been studying the docs for the past few
>> days.  It seems typical for some users to have a PVR350 for use with
>> DirectTv, but I thought I read somewhere that since the sat boxes will
>> already encode, all you need is a capture card instead of a full blown
>> tuner card.
>> Do I have this right?  I'm going to be buying a new card either way,
>> just wondering what I should be looking for.  I don't want to buy
>> something I won't need.
> No, but if you search online you can find modified boxes that have 
> firewire output but the cost is high and I'm not sure of its legal status.
I should clarify.  There is no "DirectTV capture card" that will capture 
the actual stream from the satellite in all its glory.  What you are 
doing is capturing with any capture card (PVR-350 - overkill because it 
also includes decoder, PVR-150 - but you won't be using the tuner, etc) 
doing a digital to analog to digital conversion.  If you are looking to 
get the actual encoded content, see my original message.


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