[mythtv-users] Suggestions for MytTV front/backend box please?

Greg Cope gregcope at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 22:29:40 UTC 2006

I'd go for quite as possible, and look for quite disks.

I would also suggest not having a split between system and recording
disks, just have one (or more) and have a system partition, then LVM
the myth drive Partitions.

More disks means more heat, energy etc.... so KISS.  I have two large
drives, with 3 Raid 1 mirrors - 30GB system, 1GB swap (possibly OTT),
and the rest is LVM'ed for data.

It is also worth checking your combination can do powersaving, as a
mythbox is on all the time, and mostly idle.

My 2c worth.


On 02/12/06, Mike Dent <mcdent at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm ready to build a combined front and backend box for our lounge.
> I'll likely add another backend box at some stage in the future.
> I'm based in the UK so suggestions of components available easily here would
> be welcome.
> I've got some great ideas from Gary Parker's website here:
> http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_silent.php
> I'm thinking about something like an 80gb system disk and 250 or 300gb disk
> for recordings.
> If the case I use is a midi-tower type, I can fit this behind out
> TV/AV cabinet in the lounge
> but it will make DVD access difficult, so perhaps a quiet usb DVD
> writer would be
> a possible solution?
> I'll probably be wanting 2 PCI DVB tuner cards in the box and I need to be able
> to record from our Sky digital box, composite video and audio input.
> Many thanks for any suggestions.
> Mike
> UK
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