[mythtv-users] IMDB lookups cause crash

Paul Gallant pgallant at gmanonline.net
Sat Dec 2 18:21:23 UTC 2006


I'm running MythTV on my Ubuntu Edgy Eft box and it is working very
well.  LiveTv works well and all the plugins work perfectly.  I can
import DVDs into my MythTv box and I can go into the video library and
play them.  Sweet.

But if I import a DVD and then use the IMDB lookup to add movie info,
the frontend crashes when I attempt to just view the video library.  I
then run 'mythfrontend' again and attempt to delete the metadata from
the newly added video, but the frontend crashes if I attempt this too.

The only way to fix it is to delete the offending record from the
"videometadata" table.  Then I go back into Video Setup and have it
re-index the videos.  This creates a generic database entry for the
video.  But now everything works as it should.

Anyone seen a similar problem?  I am fairly new to MythTV so it could be
a case of PEBKAC.



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