[mythtv-users] Xvid Maximum Bitrate?

Andrew Lyon andrew.lyon at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 18:16:03 UTC 2006


I have transcoded some h.264 mbaff 1920x1080 (BBC HD) to xvid with a
average bitrate of 5500, in extreme high motion scenes e.g. full
screen bird flock in bbc planet earth the video stutters terribly, i
have monitored my combined fe/be and it is not using 100% cpu (core 2
duo 6600 2.4ghz) , the frontend logs NVP: PreBuffering Pause, there
are no errors from the backend.

My video card is Geforce 7600GT using nvidia drivers 8776 on Gentoo
Linux 2.6.19-gentoo in 32 bit mode, system has 2gb ram and video is
playing from jfs raid-5.

What could be the cause? Perhaps too much bandwidth has been given to
the extreme motion scenes and I need to set a maximum as well as a


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