[mythtv-users] LiveTV channel switching time

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 2 06:36:34 UTC 2006

Chris Pinkham wrote:
> * On Fri Dec 01, 2006 at 06:41:47PM -0800, Bruce Markey wrote:
>>> I've considered adding this as an optional housekeeper job that runs
>>> once a day.
>> There's been an option to run a script once a day for quite a
>> while. Setup->General, seventh page. My "mythfilldatabase Program:"
>> is "/usr/local/bin/mythdaily". The sleep section at the top
>> is from before the zap2it suggested times. I would sleep 600
>> seconds so that I didn't hit DD at the top of the hour when they
>> get hammered.
> Right, I'm talking about running the "repair table" and "optimize table"
> commands daily (or maybe just the optimize) from within Myth.
> Why make the user put mysqlcheck or equivalent into a script when
> we could do it ourselves?
> Either that or we could put a one-script-does-all script in contrib,
> but I prefer putting it directly in the housekeeper. :)

Agreed. I was also thinking a while back that we should
maybe dump the DB into RecordFxxxxxx ...the Default storage
group so that even if a user never backs up their database,
they at least have a chance to restore something if disaster
strikes. I do weekly backups elsewhere but note in my script
I take a daily snapshot that gets overwritten each day.

With your inuseprograms table and knowledge of which disks and
encoders are in use, would it be possible to do these tasks
when the system is quiet?

--  bjm

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