[mythtv-users] LiveTV channel switching time

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Fri Dec 1 21:25:53 UTC 2006

> > So now back to your boxes and do some profiling to find out where
> > the channel change time is spent. (A least I will try)
> I finally had the time to debug "my" livetv problem:  optimize_mythdb.pl was 
> the solution.  You can find it in the contrib directory.

Thanks, but I am already running this every night from cron so that
will not help.
But this is the kind of *constructive* discussion needed here. Thanks!

> Yesterday, I replaced my backend and the live tv problems were gone.  So I 
> redid the upgrade step by step and I found out that the mysql database was 
> the problem.
> After an export / import, live tv was a bit faster.  Running 
> optimize_mythdb.pl solved "everything".  Starting livetv takes 5 seconds, 
> switching channels less then 0.5 sec.

Sounds too good to be true ;-)

I again noticed that the wait MyhTV does for the next channel digits
confuses my perception of long channel times. As I mainly am using only
channel number 1-6 every press of a number to get to the channel suffers
from that timeout.
a --/- button might be the solution? As in the "old" TV:s.
Is the timeout adjustable?


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