[mythtv-users] Where can I find the shared folder of UPnP?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Dec 1 17:34:53 UTC 2006

Liu, M. wrote:
> Dear Kevin,
> Thank you for your reply. But i still have doults. the recorded folder should be /var/video as default. Does it mean I dont need to move anything, and UPnP renderer can see my recorded files? But the case is not that simple. I saw the mythtv server is working. I have files under /var/video directory. But I can see nothing from the UPnP controller. I dont know why. Could you please explain it a bit? Thank you so much.
It shares out anything you have recorded (Watch Recordings), in 
MythVideo, or MythMusic.  If you haven't configured or used MythVideo on 
the frontend, you won't have anything to share despite files being in 
the folder you have configured.  Start the Video manager part of the 
MythVideo plugin to add files and then you should see them


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