[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 17:04:21 UTC 2006

> Do you have a wife?  I do, and it's hard enough to get her to use the
> system in the first place.  When it takes forever (to her) to change the
> channels, she complains and makes me unhook the Mythbox and hook up the
> cable box direct.  She won't even use the system to get used to the
> wonderful things a PVR can do for her, because she can't watch TV the
> way she wants to.  I'm fairly sure, if she got used to the interface,
> and got used to watching her captured shows that she didn't miss because
> we went out, or were visiting relatives for the holidays, etc ad
> nauseum, she too would come around to the PVR way of life and quit
> channel surfing.  But while it takes so long to change channels, I can't
> even get her to use the system.

i don't have a wife but i live with 3 computer illiterate roommates
and a girlfriend, does that count?  all of whom are using mythtv in
one way or another.  they can schedule shows to their hearts content
through the frontend or mythweb and i have never heard a complaint
about livetv from them.  if it ever did come up we also have cable
going right into the tv so true live tv can be watched that way,
though i can't remember the last time we did that.  maybe you need to
make it so that you can easily switch between a live cable feed and

in any case, i don't think anyone has said there isn't a problem, just
that it is not a problem for most users (the devs are the key here).
what is the big problem with browse mode anyway?  i don't see a
difference between channel surfing using browse and actually changing
the channel, at least if you're channel surfing to find something else

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