[mythtv-users] QAM channels through my TV (but not my tuner)

Patrick Ouellette pat at flying-gecko.net
Fri Dec 1 16:31:34 UTC 2006

On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 03:10:55PM -0500, ICMan wrote:
> I just put together a box using the pcHDTV HD3000 card.  To configure 
> it, I had to completely ignore the instructions.  I had to set it up as 
> an Analog card, not a DVB card.  For whatever reason, I could not get 
> the analog channels to be recognized in DVB mode, even though the 
> channel scanner said that the signal level was 100%, and the S-N ratio 
> was really high for every channel.  I think this might be because I am 
> in Toronto, and Rogers encrypts all its QAM channels, even for regular 
> digital cable.  (CRTC sucks!)
> The instructions say to configure it as a DVB card, and then there will 
> be a screen for you to configure the analog portion.  You can try that 
> too, if you want.  But after days of failures, setting it up as an 
> Analog card fixed everything for me, and now it works great.

I just reconfigured my pcHDTV3000 to do both analog and digital from my
cable feed.  The instructions worked just fine for me.  Set up the card
as digital, then use the ANALOG setup button on the screen.  The analog
portion then has to be linked to a lineup to get guide info, and it
appears as a different input to the card, not as a separate card.

FYI I am running the SVN version of Myth, and kernel 2.6.18.


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