[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 16:28:30 UTC 2006

Jake wrote:
>> Have you ever opened mplayer fed by a PVR-250 in one term window, and
>> changed channels in another?  The channel changes are almost
>> instantaneous, whereas changing channels within Myth takes on my system
>> about 4 seconds.
> oh, i didn't know that mplayer could do frame-exact seeking and
> editing of video files.  or that it has it's own network streaming
> protocol.  is mplayer also writing indexing information to a mysql
> database as it records?

And is any of this occurring during the middle of a channel change?

> in my opinion, comparing mplayer and mythtv channel change speeds is
> utterly rediculous, myth is doing A LOT more than just opening a new
> file.

It certainly is, which is why we are all here in the first place, and 
not on the mplayer mailing list.

> also, what is the objection to using browse mode or the program guide
> to 'channel surf'?

Do you have a wife?  I do, and it's hard enough to get her to use the 
system in the first place.  When it takes forever (to her) to change the 
channels, she complains and makes me unhook the Mythbox and hook up the 
cable box direct.  She won't even use the system to get used to the 
wonderful things a PVR can do for her, because she can't watch TV the 
way she wants to.  I'm fairly sure, if she got used to the interface, 
and got used to watching her captured shows that she didn't miss because 
we went out, or were visiting relatives for the holidays, etc ad 
nauseum, she too would come around to the PVR way of life and quit 
channel surfing.  But while it takes so long to change channels, I can't 
even get her to use the system.

> in any case, after seeing this discussion many, many times i don't
> think i've ever once seen the people complaining try to debug the
> channel changing speed in any sort of useful or helpful manner.
> obviously none of the devs care about this issue so people who do care
> and are complaining are probably going to have to fix it themselves.

Fair enough.  And I have no problem with that, either.  The devs write 
what they want, and that's cool.  However, no one should be claiming 
that there isn't any problem when it is obvious that there is.  Sticking 
your head into the sand, or just "living with it" is not useful to anyone.

> just doing a search on 'channel change speed' on gossamer makes it
> pretty obvious that this topic has been discussed ad nauseam in the
> past.

And, unless someone gets sick enough of seeing these messages, and does 
something about it, we will continue to see this topic coming up over 
and over and over again.  But, if we are to take your attitude about 
channel change speeds and apply it to the mailing list, then there is no 
problem with this topic coming up repeatedly and you'll just have to 
"live with it".

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