[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 08:18:26 UTC 2006

> Why would you want to tie up a capture card if you are not
> "capturing" ? Just feed a different input of your TV with the live
> feed, or buy an external switch if your set doesn't have a spare input.
> That way the capture card is available to record something else while
> you are watching, and the quality would be a tad better.
> _______________________________________________

Although, I don't agree with the way this point is ever presented, I
think this feature would be somewhat useful to exist in MythTV itself
and not be invoked by an external application.  I also hate to agree
in this discussion for the simple fact that the OP is being completely
irrational and blatently rude; but better to discuss the "meat" of
their request rather than their presentation, or at least that's what
I hear.

So, here are a few of my reasons for why it seems like a feature that
would be worthwhile:
1.  Scheduling.  Myth's scheduler is superb, and I would like it to
use all available tuners, including the one that is showing truly
LiveTV; if I use an external program, Myth doesn't have control over
that tuner to use it when needed.

2.  OSD.  To give MythTV that fully integrated feel, the OSD/options
and keys (yeah I can always tweak lircrc to each application to keep
keys the same, but nonetheless, seamless integration would be nicer).
Having the OSD popup with my MythTV theme and the program info when I
press "i" would really be some icing on the cake.  If someone were to
get really fancy, pressing pause or record would bump it over to the
current LiveTV implementation (but only recording from that point
onward, not when you started watching); but that's much more of a pipe
dream than what I would be think truly LiveTV should initially be
capable of doing.

3.  Faster channel changing.  As has been discussed recently until we
are blue in the face, some people just have slow channel changing for
whatever reason.  If LiveTV were truly live, this could be something
the 'channel surfers' would be able to use to have faster channel

and to keep it short, 1 more:

4.  When I watch spongebob there is no recording, and therefore no proof.  :D

Overall, on a scale of things I'd like to eventually see in MythTV,
it's probably not in the top 5.  But if someone were to code it, it
may be a feature I'd use, or at least, someone in my household would


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