[mythtv-users] [OTish] Pronto/NetRemote-alike software for Linux(free as in beer too, if poss.)

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 30 15:00:28 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 15:21, Steve Daniels wrote:
> Hi Steve,


> Have a looksie at Pluto Home for a complex solution.
> http://www.plutohome.com/
> You can make your own menu entries that fire off custom scripting. Which
> can send multiple IR codes through a blaster to do all manner of fancy
> things.

Yeah, I've been looking at Pluto. My concerns with it are the fact that as 
I've understood it, it'll total the machines you install it on, and you're 
limited to what pluto provide, short of getting the compiler out. I'm also 
unsure as to what the deal is between MythTV and Pluto. Do they run an older 
version so all there additional wrappers and stuff play nice? I live in a 
rented flat, so a lot of that stuff is of no use to me. It's the HTPC, TV and 
AMP I really want to use together, so Pluto... I don't know.

> You could try asking on UKHA it's the UK Home Automation mailing list. It
> is full of A LOT of knowledgeable people on such subjects. Your bound to
> get a million and one response there.

Yeah I was sort of hoping to avoid descending into the chaos of yet another 
list as a total newb if possible. ;-) It's bad enough keeping on top of 
MythTV and SUSE!

> To send commands round the house and 
> get devices talking to each other, you might want to look into something
> like xap/xpl. There are some quite nice xap/xpl remote control interfaces
> available IIRC.

From the brief skim I've had, they're protocols for implementing systems, so 
I'll have a look into those assuming I can't find something I'm happy with. 

> Good luck!

I'll probably need it...
Steve Boddy

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