[mythtv-users] [OTish] Pronto/NetRemote-alike software for Linux(free as in beer too, if poss.)

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 30 14:21:38 UTC 2006

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> Linux(free as in beer too, if poss.)
> Note: I have googled this, but have so far not dug anything up.
> Just wondering if anyone has seen software that lets you build a GUI for
> controlling all your kit, including macros, and stuff like that. I don't
> use
> Windows, and don't want to, just to create a remote layout.
> So I was wondering if anyone was aware of some software that does this
> sort of
> thing under Linux. I've seen stuff like Mister House, but the interface
> (web
> based) is kind of ugly, and it's way OTT for my usage with all the
> additional
> HA stuff.
> I've had some initial thoughts on this, but don't want to waste time on
> something that already exists.
> This is my trivial example:
> - Push button on control device (i.e. bluetooth phone, or a 770)
> - Always on system with "hub" receives command.
> - Frontend woken up (WOL)
> - Wait till Frontend ready
> - Power on AMP
> - Power on TV
> - Wait preset time (AMP and TV take a few seconds)
> - Set AMP to optical input
> - Set TV to DVI input
> As it stands I have two remotes (TV, and possibly a bidi AMP remote), a
> keyboard and a mouse. I also have one of those mickey mouse iMon remotes
> that
> talk a different IR protocol to 99.99999% of remotes out there. It'd be
> nice
> to get rid of all this clutter.
> Thanks for your thoughts...
> --
> Steve Boddy

Hi Steve,

Have a looksie at Pluto Home for a complex solution.


You can make your own menu entries that fire off custom scripting. Which can
send multiple IR codes through a blaster to do all manner of fancy things.

You could try asking on UKHA it's the UK Home Automation mailing list. It is
full of A LOT of knowledgeable people on such subjects. Your bound to get a
million and one response there. To send commands round the house and get
devices talking to each other, you might want to look into something like
xap/xpl. There are some quite nice xap/xpl remote control interfaces
available IIRC.

Good luck!

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