[mythtv-users] Getting All Channels with Rogers Digital Cable

catfish catfish at halfdone.com
Wed Aug 30 10:08:28 UTC 2006

> I have the full TV  
> package from Rogers Digital Cable in Toronto, Canada. When I run the  
> cable connection directly to my PVR-350's tuner input, I only seem to  
> be able to see the first 30 channels or so (the basic package) on  
> MythTV. The rest of the channels only show static.

	PVR350 is an analog SD tuner only, the Digital in Digital Cable will 
not work. I believe most digital cable (I only have analog cable) have 
the basic package in analog and the rest digital. You need to connect 
the coax to cable box to convert them.

 > I can of course run the cable through the Rogers Digital Receiver and
 > fix MythTV on one channel (3). Then I can see all the channels by
 > using the receiver, but that beats the whole purpose of setting up a
 > MythTV box.

	Not really, mythtv takes this problem into account by allowing you to 
setup an IR Blaster. It sends commands to the cable box to change 
channels as if you pressed the remote yourself using it's own ir 
transmitter. You can make your own blaster or purchase one. I don't have 
this setup so I'm not sure how to set this up.
	Also if the cable box supports SVideo it's suggest to use that instead 
of ch3 but works either way.

 > I found some information on the wiki about the channels.conf file and
 > the QAM cable layout, but I have no idea where the channels.conf file
 > is located.

I believe QAM and related are used with HDTV which is something else. 
You would need a special HDTV card to use it.

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