[mythtv-users] Getting All Channels with Rogers Digital Cable

Taylan Pince taylan at taylanpince.com
Wed Aug 30 05:07:35 UTC 2006


After two nights of preparations, I finally have my MythTV box  
running on FC4 happily... more or less!

The problem seems to be with my cable provider, but I just wanted to  
get some advice before trying anything else. I have the full TV  
package from Rogers Digital Cable in Toronto, Canada. When I run the  
cable connection directly to my PVR-350's tuner input, I only seem to  
be able to see the first 30 channels or so (the basic package) on  
MythTV. The rest of the channels only show static.

I can of course run the cable through the Rogers Digital Receiver and  
fix MythTV on one channel (3). Then I can see all the channels by   
using the receiver, but that beats the whole purpose of setting up a  
MythTV box.

I found some information on the wiki about the channels.conf file and  
the QAM cable layout, but I have no idea where the channels.conf file  
is located. So I couldn't try this yet, not sure if it'll help:


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


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