[mythtv-users] channel issues

Elwe Singollo esingollo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 10:39:15 UTC 2006

On 24/08/06, Robbie <rob[at]nightlance.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I currently have my myth-tv box setup and working. Everything looks
> good except one thing. I can not get any channels above channel 13. I
> know that I do get higher channels on the cable that plugged into the
> computer for I took the cable and plugged it into the back of a tv and
> got all 72. But for some reason when myth tv goes and does it's thing,
> it only finds 13 channels.
> What could be up here? Wrong tuner drivers?
> I'm using FC4 w/ MythTV-0.19
> My tuner card is a wintv-go Plus. (bttv).

You may have specified an incorrect tuner in your /etc/modprobe.conf
file. Do you see the same behaviour in other TV programs aside from

I think this is more like a UHF/VHF thing (more precisely that you
probably have a wrong config telling mythtv to look for broadcast
channels, not cable channels).  I just yesterday figured out this was
my issue after playing around with it for a week.  I do not know how
it got that way, but I did download (yum atrpms) a new version just a
bit ago--maybe it overwrote some defaults.

Anyway, enter  mythtvsetup; then enter the general (first) section;
proceed to the Global Backend Setup (third or forth page, I think);
one of the options is Channel frequency table; hopefully yours has
been switch to us-broadcast--switch it over to us-cable.  Check TV
again to see if you can see above 13.

Again, not sure what caused a change in this, as I definitely had not
since setting it up.  My current revs are mythtv-suite-0.19-60.at on

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