[mythtv-users] Dual DVB-S Receiver Capable of using CI / CAM module

Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Sun Aug 27 21:01:18 UTC 2006

On Sun, 27 Aug 2006, James Buckley wrote:

> problem is getting hold of a dual internal DVB-S receiver that can use a CI
> / CAM module (which allows the use of the card, and thus access to the 200
> almost FTA channels).

You won't get an _official_ CAM that decrypts NDS VideoGuard (what Sky 
use) because Sky refuse to sell one.  There are a couple of programmable 
CAMs, such as the DragonCAM, which claim to decrypt NDS VideoGuard - they 
are expensive though and I have no experience with them.  Personally, I 
have a Sky decoder connected to a plain old analogue BTTV card by S-Video 
and a DVB-S card - the DVB-S card gets all the FTA channels and the Sky 
box is used for FTA, FTV and pay channels.  Of course the quality of the 
channels received through the Sky decoder is much lower.

(It's worth noting that the use of the unofficial CAMs is a breach of the 
T&Cs of your Sky viewing card and probably illegal under the EUCD... not 
that anyone except Sky cares).

What I'd love to do is be able to use a SoftCAM to post-process encrypted 
recordings, but I'm aware that various people don't want Myth to be 
associated with such technologies (I can see their point, but personally I 
don't see a problem with me being able to decrypt the channels I've paid 
for).  All the SoftCAMs I've seen seem to be closed source Windows 
applications though...

Oh, also consider that you can't just plug multiple tuners into a normal 
LNB - you will need a dual-LNB or quad-LNB and separate cabling for each 


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