[mythtv-users] Mytharchive iso size

William Munson wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Aug 27 19:11:03 UTC 2006

Austin Roberts wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been running MythTV for a few months now, and have filled up 
> about 200 out of my ~300 gb of hard disk space. I decided to look into 
> ways to archive my recordings. I finally got it installed, and then 
> tried to create a DVD. I wanted to start with some movies I've 
> recorded, that I might actually want to put in a DVD player. I grabbed 
> a couple of movies and told it to transcode them and make an ISO out 
> of it. I was under the impression from the mytharchive UI that I would 
> have plenty of room on the DVD (I specified a standard, 4.7 gb disc, 
> which is what I'm using).
> Five and a half hours later, my computer has finished creating the 
> ISO, and it's about 300 mb too to put on a disc. Was this my mistake, 
> trying to put too much video at too high of a resolution, or did 
> Mytharchive think the files would fit?
> Thanks for any help on the subject.
> -Austin
I think what happened was you asked it to pack too much in. The 
shrinking function (tcrequant) can only shrink by a 2:1 factor as a 
maximum. Dedending on bitrate you recorded at each of your movies could 
be 4GB or more so its possible that you just asked too much. For me a 2 
hour movie after processing turns into almost a 6GB group of files which 
then shrinks down to 4.5GB for the dvd file. Try a single movie and the 
autostart menu for a quick and dirty test.


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