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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Fully delete rec from cli
> Quick request. I did about 30 mins of googling and was surprised I
> could not find this anywhere.
> What I would like to do is properly and completely delete a recording
> from command line/cron.
> EX: I set my box to record the evening news and record all simpsons
> episodes. If any news broadcast is 48 hours old, I want it to expire
> and go away. I don't want to loose old simpsons episodes if I don't
> have to, BUT I do want everything to autoexpire at some point.
> I'm already familiar with mythname.pl to pull out the program name &
> subtitle, I just can't find any pre-built way to start deleting sql
> entries. If I understood more php I would go find the function that
> runs when you hit delete on mythweb/recorded_programs.php. I seem to
> get lost in there, and I don't know enough sql/schema to properly roll
> my own.
> Does anyone have resources or links to someone who already has this?
> Other ideas and hints greatly appreciated.
> Anyone know what setting 'deletepending'=1 in the recorded table does,
> just by itself? Found this off in googleland:
> UPDATE recorded SET deletepending = 1 WHERE chanid = '1027' AND
> starttime = '2006-07-06T00:13:28' ;
> Thanks.
> Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I think that people haven't really needed something like this enough for it
to be made. (Have seen a request vaguely like this a while back IIRC) If you
could tell us why you want the system to do this, we might be able to tell
you how best to achieve your goals using the currently available
configuration options.

You might want to look into how the auto expirer can deal with priorities.
(mythfrontend - Utilities/Setup - Setup - TV Settings - General) Experiment
with that?


Steve Daniels

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